We Are


Yamgo is home to advertising and technology brands that have a mission
to fix the advertising industry by leveraging distributed ledger technologies.

What is Yamgo?


Founded in 2005 by Ian Mullins, an expert in mobile TV technology and publishing, Yamgo has evolved from a small team producing made-for-mobile video clips into a developer of bleeding-edge technology and creative solutions for the digital advertising sector.


Yamgo is home to a unique, proprietary technology platform which has been designed to maximise the compatibility of video, rich media content and advertising delivery across mobile and desktop platforms. The Yamgo tech stack dynamically adapts video and rich-media content delivery to address the different needs of more than 15,000 mobile devices and networks from 2.5G, 3G and 4G to Wi-Fi.


Yamgo has a team of 18 staff headquartered in Swansea, UK with sales offices in Mumbai, and Jakarta. The Yamgo Team is home to a diverse mix of talented individuals, from experienced, high-level advisors and board members to rockstar developers, tech & infrastructure experts, highly skilled UX & branding designers, award winning AV creatives, ad operations, data analysts and sales.


Premium Mobile TV

Yamgo is a company that has a history of technical innovation beginning life as Yamgo TV, a mobile television network that delivered VOD and live television directly to mobile phones, reaching millions of users every month.


Yamgo TV boasted over 120 channels of licensed, premium television content, spanning Music, Entertainment, Movies, News, Sports, Fashion and more. The content on Yamgo TV included live TV channels ingested directly via satellite and encoded for mobile delivery  as well as curated video-on-demand channels.


As Yamgo TV grew in popularity we began to recognise the problems that content owner have successfully monetising their content and websites, this paved the way for another Yamgo subsidiary – AdSpruce.


The leading mobile video advertising platform

AdSpruce has created the technology and platform to make video advertising work on all mobile devices. We enable publishers to monetise their video ad inventory through the delivery of rich media video campaigns on more mobile devices than anyone else in the industry.


AdSpruce uses its proprietary ad serving technology, 1st party audience data and user-friendly ad formats to increase viewer ad engagement, brand performance and publisher revenues. The world’s leading brands have used AdSpruce to target, track, measure and deliver performance at speed and scale across the mobile web.


AdSpruce has leveraged superior device support, innovative ad spots and custom built web technologies to create an ad platform that has served hundreds of publishers and delivered billions of ad requests to publishers across the globe. Our business is built on our unique technology, expertise in mobile & video technologies, outstanding teamwork and partnerships across the whole video advertising eco-system as well as exclusive deals with content owners and publishers.


Reinventing Digital Advertising

Throughout the development of Yamgo TV and AdSpruce, Yamgo has long recognised the need for an alternative use of technology to facilitate a more open, unified and transparent ecosystem that is fair to all participants. Seeking to solve the inherent problems of the digital advertising industry Yamgo has launched AdsDax.

AdsDax is a rich media advertising platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology to reinvent the advertising industry.


AdsDax aims to be the first platform that can be used by anyone to design develop and create a blockchain-backed rich-media ad campaign that can be fulfilled by publishers and consumers without the need for any middlemen and with full transparency and real-time payment to the publishers who provided the ad space, masternodes who provided delivery services and consumers who engaged with the ad.


The AdsDax vision for a new advertising ecosystem is a unified platform that facilitates all aspects of advert creation, campaign delivery, traffic and content verification and optimisation with transparent reporting and costs. AdsDax is a blockchain-enabled platform that allows all participants to benefit from the money that is currently wasted through middlemen and instead rewards consumers and incentivises participants to create more engaging and relevant ad experiences.